English Edition/ The home of the world-famous Albanian writer Ismail Kadare, in Gjirokaster, Albania.

When you come to Albania the first things you learn about our country are of course the most known people who have made history or have made a big impact inside or outside boundaries.

His books made him famous around the globe and now his home has become a museum, open to anyone who wants to revive the days of his inspirations coming vividly from the corners of the house.

This is where Ismail Kadare was born and spent his childhood. The house will be familiar to everyone who has read his book ‘Chronicle in Stone”, in which Kadare describes every corner of this house.

As you visit the house you can imagine Kadare as a little boy, sitting close to the windows and witnessing the terrors of World War II. The house was first built in 1799, and classified as a Cultural Monument in 1991.

Recently the building was repaired and rehabilitated under the auspices of UNESCO and Albanian’s Ministry of Culture. The Museum was opened to the public on 28 January 2018, on the occasion of Kadare’s 80th birthday.

Kadare House is in the middle of the historical Palorto neighborhood and easy to find. Inside the house are some original objects belonging to the family. The entrance fee is 200 leke.

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