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Albania (Albanian: Shqipëria) is a small country in the Balkans. It shares borders with Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, and Montenegro.

While most people in Albania are Muslims, there are also very large minorities of Christians. Only very few Albanians are convinced atheists. Religious observance by Albanians as a whole is relaxed (recent polling shows that only 30 to 40 percent are observant), However, practices such as saying a prayer before eating, avoiding foods containing pork (among Muslims), Lent (among Christians) and pilgrimages to the Holy Land (among Christians) are very common. Marriage between people of different religious backgrounds is very rare, so are religious conversions.

Traditional Albanian culture honors the role and person of the guest. In return for this place of honor, respect is expected from the guest. Albanians enjoy long walks in the city streets, drinking coffee and, among the younger generations, participating in nightlife activities such as cafe lounging and dancing.

See in Albania

There are many things to do in Albania. Many roads are paved; however they are very windy

The coastline is always a place to go, with its clear turquoise seas, and its many islands cast upon it, like in Ksamil, Vlore and Saranda, the southern most coastal city in Albania. Note that the coastline stretching to the north from Vlore to the Montenegrin border is flat and contains sand beaches. This is the hub of mass tourism in Albania. You can visit seaside towns such as Shengjin, Durres and Vlore and enjoy the curative sands of Velipoje. To the south of Vlore, the Albanian Riviera is made up of rocky or gravel like shores with spectacular turquoise waters. The area contains mainly wooden villa complexes, bed and breakfasts, camping sites, and family owned hotels as accommodation facilities. Llogara Pass is a mountain pass located at the start of the Riviera near Llogara National Park which offers a majestic view of the riviera from above. Nearby is found Cesar’s Pass, the place where Julius Cesar is said to have passed in his pursuit of Pompey.

Dajti Mountain, a popular sight in Tirana allows you to get a whole green view of the capital.

A walk around southern cities like Butrint, a UNESCO world heritage site, is always ideal and memorable. Butrint is home to many ancient ruins.

Castles are in many cities in Albania. Their beauty reminds everyone of the ancient times of Albania, and the world. There is Petrela Castle near Tirana, Rozafa castle in Shkodra, the inhabited castle of Berat, and Skanderbeg Castle in Kruje, (named after the national hero and now a popular museum holding his belongings).

Palasa, Near Himara. Palasa is a beautiful village in Himara with great beaches and amazing nature. This is the place where Julius Caesar rested his legion at the pursuit of Pompey. There are no touristic resorts, but you can ask for an apartment at the local caffe. The apartments usually are with two rooms and a toilette, but usually clean, safe and comfortable. edit

In southern Albania you can see the influence of Turks and Greeks. In northern Albania you can see many ancient Illyrian ruins and very little foreign influence.

Do in Albania

There are plenty of things to do in Albania. The Albanian seaside is perfect for those who prefer a relaxing holiday. The beautiful beaches of the Ionian and Adriatic seas, great Mediterranean climate and some delicious, freshly-caught seafood make for a great holiday.

For those who are interested in World History, historical tours around the towns of Butrint, Gjirokaster, Berat, Durres and many others will not leave you disappointed.

Albania also has a lot to offer the traveler who prefers a more active holiday, including sea kayaking in the Albanian Riviera; rafting on the Vjosa, Osum, and Black Drin rivers; trekking, cycling, and snowshoeing; paragliding; and hiking the peaks of the Balkans.

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