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Anija Gjigante që i la të gjithë me Gojëhapur ndërsa zbarkoi në Venecia!

Një anije lundrimi gjigante zbarkoi në Venecia dhe i la të gjithë

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Cose da vedere a Gjirokaster! Tripadvisor a tutti gli Italiani...

Ecco cosa consiglia tripadvisor per i visitatori italiani...

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Gjirokastër in pictures: Why you must visit "The Stone City"

Driving through the wide valley between the Gjerë and Drino mountains

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Italians See Albania As The Best and Cheap Place To Retire

Forget the Canaries. Some Italian pensioners have decided to spend

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For the Gjirokastra we want, a cultural and tourist centre of Albania

Grigor and Mimoza Çabeli are two devoted parents who, in addition to

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